Everyone experiences periods of unhappiness in their lives.

Depression, however, is experienced as a persistent set of feelings which include sadness, emptiness, hopelessness and a loss of self-confidence.

Sometimes it is hard for people to realise that they are depressed, or they may try to hide these feelings from themselves and others.

People who are depressed may suffer from a loss of interest in activities previously enjoyed, a lack of energy and motivation and also difficulties with concentration.

Some people may also feel physically unwell and experience difficulties in sleeping: either waking during the early hours or feeling you need more sleep than is usual for you.

Sometimes people may experience an increase or decrease in appetite with subsequent weight gain or weight loss.

People may also experience feelings of anger, irritability and/or guilt and maybe feelings of worthlessness.

There may even be occasions when you have experienced the thought or urge to harm or to kill yourself. If this is the case then it is important you talk with your GP without delay.

Depression can be helped with many forms of therapy including CBT, Psychodynamic therapy, Mindfulness, Dynamic Interpersonal therapy and group therapy

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