Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy is especially helpful for reaching and understanding the root cause of long term and recurrent difficulties.

This form of therapy involves the therapist listening to the person’s experiences and exploring with them possible connections with what is being experienced and felt in the here and now, to those of their past experiences.

It also looks at how much of a persons behaviour and interaction can often be carried out without the person being fully conscious of it. This can often lead to problems being repeated without the person being aware of how they came about i.e. ‘how did I get here again?’ This approach explores and helps to bring thoughts and behaviour more into a person’s conscious control.

The relationship between the therapist and person in therapy is used to try to understand current difficulties in significant relationships in the person’s life.

Psychodynamic therapy can help people understand and get to know themselves better and to enable them to improve their relationships and interactions with others.