Mentalization Based Therapy (MBT)

MBT is a relatively new form of therapy originally developed in London as a treatment for personality disorder, but which has now been expanded to other difficulties. Mentalization is the ability to think about what is going on in our minds and the minds of other people. Another way of describing this is as being able to see ourselves from the outside, and others from the inside. We develop this ability through our relationships with our care-givers as we are growing up. However, if there are difficulties in our early relationships, this may get in the way of us fully developing this capacity. 

Often we lose the ability to mentalize when our emotions are stirred up, or when we get caught up in difficult relationships. In MBT your therapist will work with you to identify what is going on in your mind when you encounter difficulties in your life, and also to try to work out what is happening in your relationships. In this way you will become more able to continue to mentalize even when under stress, which will enable you to better manage your emotions and relationships.